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The World Tour Special Edition

World Tour Special Edtion All Inclusive

March 10th to April 2nd 2024

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From 72 000 € per person, All-Inclusive

A very unique long-haul itinerary in our Luxury Spirit !

Our Air Cruise subtly blends classic destinations and surprising stopovers in an atypical round trip created to appeal to the most seasoned globetrotters. Does the idea tempt you?

Head for Mexico City for a colourful immersion from Mayan temples to the teeming megalopolis. Take off again for a lunch in the clouds over the ocean. The volcanoes of Hawaii appear, and you land in Honolulu – Aloha! Further west lies Fiji: a tropical Eden proud of its Melanesian traditions. Still further afield, at the end of the Pacific, you reach New Zealand, one of the planet's most quintessentially beautiful countries, self-proclaimed as "the edge of the world". You return to your crew and your seat on board, and then, in barely three hours, we offer you the inaccessible in Hobart, Tasmania, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its incomparable nature. Still in Australia, this time on the island-continent itself, you are welcomed by Perth and its Australian way of life. Still further on, in the blue of the Indian Ocean, lies the paradisiac archipelago of the Maldives. Farniente? Well-being? Or underwater explorations? It’s certain that over four days you will have time to savour every kind of pleasure before reaching the green, untamed nature and astonishing vitality of Tanzania: the apotheosis of this unusual World Tour. We still have one last surprise in store for you before you return: a stop in Jerusalem, for a a whirlwind of encounters, images, sensations. This World Tour will be as incredible as anything you've seen.

So, if you're a connoisseur, book your seat on your Private Jet while you can, because this is an ultra-limited edition of the World Tour !

Request our Special Edition World Tour brochure, or ask us any questions you like here!



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In Paris, as soon as you go through the terminal door, you will see your smiling Cruise manager waiting to welcome you, and the journey begins... All that remains is to hand us your luggage and take a seat on board your Private Plane. Our entire team is there to assist you on the first steps of the magnificent adventure in store, starting with our flight attendants, who will show you to your seat for the next eight flights. Make yourself comfortable, have a glass of champagne and it's already time to take off. With all the excitement of the first flight, the unique setting of this Air Cruise, and a cuisine to match. You will soon cross the ocean and arrive in Mexico City, poised to show you its wonders on your first stopover.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico World Tour

And we’re off! You are already enjoying your comfortable plane, the attentions of the crew, the canapés and champagne and the chef’s imaginative cuisine... In the late afternoon, you arrive in Mexico City, where the larger-than-life capital welcomes you for three nights. The huge Paseo de la Reforma avenue leads to the Palacio National, where your guide will retrace the "epic of the Mexican people" admirably illustrated in Diego Rivera’s famous frescoes. Does the cathedral look a bit askew? That’s normal in these volcanic lands, but they are also home to havens of peace away from the noise of this teeming city. For instance, you can visit the fabulous National Museum of Anthropology in the Chapultepec woods. Then the floating gardens of Xochimilco provide an enchanting, colourful stroll along the canals. You will also see the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where 20 million Mexicans come to contemplate the sacred shroud of the Virgin each year, as well as the remarkable pre-Columbian pyramids of the city of Teotihuacan. Of course, the joyful sound of mariachi bands will accompany you all through the first stopover of your World Tour. Viva Mexico!

Tours (included in the price)

March 10th 2024 : Paris - Mexico

Departure from Paris-CDG in the morning.

March 11th 2024 : Mexico

Tour of the historical city centre: Paseo de la Reforma, the Royal Palace, the cathedral. Then the floating gardens of Xochimilco and the National Museum of Anthropology.

Evening: Mariachi show.

March 12th 2024 : Mexico

Tour of the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the city of Teotihuacan and the covered market.


Your hotels - 3 nights

Première Safrans :
Four Seasons Mexico City 5*
Ritz Carlton Mexico City 5*

Club Safrans :
Sofitel Mexico City Reforma 5*


Your flight

Paris Mexico

March 10th :
Paris – Mexico City
Departure in the morning, arrival late afternoon

Flight Time : 12 hours 45 minutes


Hawaii, United States of America

Hawaii Honolulu stay

At your feet lies Honolulu, where people say Aloha! Hawaii, the fiftieth American state, is a delightful mix of Hula and disco, American modernity and Pacific tradition. Its capital is home to surfers and businessmen, palm trees and skyscrapers. You'll visit the moving Pearl Harbour Memorial and Iolani Palace, the former residence of the last Hawaiian rulers, before heading to Diamond Head Beach, dominated by a magnificent 300,000-year-old volcanic tuff crater. You can also take a moment of free time to swim in the warm Pacific waters or stroll along the legendary Waikiki boardwalk. The day after a balmy tropical evening of ukulele music, you head for Big Island and the Volcano National Park: the island's most spectacular site, with its rainforest, sulphur fumaroles, lava tunnels and more. The island’s stunning geology will hold no more secrets for you. You can explore it on the ground, from the air or even in a tête à tête, hidden from sight...

Tours (included in the price)

March 13th 2024 : Mexico City - Honolulu

Flight from Mexico City to Honolulu, Hawaii. Arrival in the afternoon and visit of the city center and the old royal palace Iolani.

March 14th 2024 : Honolulu

Visit to Pearl Harbor Memorial, Diamond Head and free time.
Hawaiian evening.

Première Safrans : visit of Big Island by helicopter

Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
Halekulani 5*
Kahala Resort 5*

Club Safrans :
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 5*

Your flight

carte escale 002

March 13th : 
Mexico City - Honolulu
Departure in the morning, arrival early afternoon
Flight time : 8 hours 15 minutes


Nadi, Fiji Islands

Fiji islands Pacific

Bula Male! Welcome to Fiji! A name that in itself already promises crystal clear waters, fine sand beaches, attractive hotels and traditions dating from the dawn of time. A surprising experience: during your flight, you pass the International Date Line: a slightly disconcerting time jump. Four centuries after the explorer Abel Tasman, you will discover this tropical Eden at the end of the world, populated by Melanesians with long-standing traditions and Indians who settled here in colonial times. 322 islands (a third of which are inhabited), a warm and friendly population, a soothing rhythm, and almost only one religion: rugby! During this short stopover, you will see Nadi, the gateway to the archipelago, go up the powerful Sigatoka River towards the interior to meet traditional Melanesian villages and admire the treasures of the Koro Sea.

Tours (included in the price)

March 15th to 16th 2024 : Honolulu - Fiji

Short domestic flight to Big Island; trip to the Volcano
National Park.

Première Safrans : Helicopter tour to the heart of the  Volcano National Park.

Flight to Fiji in the late afternoon.

Crossing the International Date Line before landing in Nadi in the early evening.

March 17th 2024:  Fiji

Excursion on the Sigatoka River; exploration of the sand dunes in the National Park and Melanesian villages.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
Likuliku Lagoon Resort 5*
Six Senses Fiji 5*

Club Safrans :
InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa 5*



Your flight

carte escale 002

March 15th- 16th :
Honolulu - Nadi
Departure late afternoon, arrival the next day in the evening.
Flight time : 7 hours


Christchurch and Fiordland, New Zealand 

New Zealand Fiordland

You're now in one of the most world’s beautiful countries. With its stunning scenery, powerful thrills, geothermal wonders, rich Maori culture, famous vineyards and remarkable indigenous wildlife, curiously, you'll feel at home right away on the other side of the world in New Zealand. You land in Christchurch on the South Island, also known as Jade Island, before exploring the area around Queenstown, the adventure sports capital. There are numerous surprises along the way, all of them spectacular, including lakes, fjords, rivers and giant fern forests full of majestic beech trees. At night, in the sky, among countless new stars, you will be sure to see the benevolent constellation of the Southern Cross. Prominently displayed on the Kiwi flag, it will remind you that you are in the southern hemisphere, at the end of the world. Once again, your World Tour introduces you to another country – this one home to the All Blacks and Maoris, and a wealth of breathtaking nature!

Tours (included in the price)

March 18th 2024 : Fiji - Christchurch

Tour of the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple and flight to New Zealand in the afternoon. Arrival in Christchurch, New Zealand in the early evening.

March 19th 2024 : Christchurch - Queenstown

Visit Christchurch before a short domestic flight to Queenstown. Upon arrival, orientation tour of the city.

Première Safrans : Helicopter day-trip in Fiordland with picnic lunch

March 20th 2024 Queenstown

Day cruise to Milford Sound and the Fiordland National Park.


Your hotels - 3 nights


Première Safrans :
The George  5*
Fable Christchurch 5*

Club Safrans :
Hotel Montreal 5*


Première Safrans :
Matakauri Lodge 5*
Blanket Bay Lodge 5*

Club Safrans :
Queenstown Park Boutique Hotel 5*


Your flight


March 18th :
Nadi – Christchurch
Departure in the morning, arrival in the evening
Flight time : 4 hours 10 minutes


Tasmania, Australia

Untouched Tasmania

Not even an hour's flight away, the mountainous contours of Tasmania appear in the region south-east of Australia, in the path of the famous Roaring Forties. Known as the 'Natural State' and ‘Island of Inspiration', it is largely classified as nature reserves, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will land in Hobart, the capital mingling countryside and city, and the logistical base for the French icebreaker L'Astrolabe, which has been involved in most of our Antarctic expeditions to Adelie Land. You'll visit the residential site of Battery Point; Salamanca Square, the historic and cultural heart of Hobart; the stunning Museum of Old and New Art (MONA); the former prison centre of Port Arthur and the charming colonial village of Richmond. And as well as all these wonders, Tasmania will offer you its own inaccessible world during your stopover.

Tours (included in the price)

March 21st 2024 : Christchurch - Hobart

Return to Christchurch and flight to Hobart, Tasmania.  Arrival late morning.

Visit of the city center, Battery Point, the Salamanca Square.

March 22nd 2024 : Tasmania

Continuation of the tour: historical site of Port Arthur and Richmond village.    


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
The Henry Jones Art Hotel 5*
Islington Hotel 5*

Club Safrans :
The Tasman 5*


Your flight


March 21st : Christchurch – Hobart
Departure in the morning, arrival late morning
Flight time : 3 hours 10 minutes


Perth, Australia

Koalas of Australia luxury

You've changed shores and are once again in a different world: Perth is cradled by the rollers of the Indian Ocean and dominated by the Darling Ranges. With Geographe Bay, Cap Naturaliste and more, when you look at the maps, you'll see references reminding you that Australia could have become French, as our greatest navigators left a deep-rooted legacy here. With the Swan River running through it, full of dolphins, Perth is famous as the sunniest city on the continent. A short distance away lies Fremantle (Freo to those who know it well), the carefree mecca of sailing and the America's Cup. On your trip down-under, you'll visit the historic centre with its buildings constructed by convicts, and the magnificent Kings Park overlooking Perth Water. You also have a date with the kangaroos and gentle koalas that live peacefully in Yanchep National Park. Alternatively, we suggest a trip to explore the incredible limestone concretions of the Pinnacles Desert and the extraordinary Wave Rock: a huge wave petrified in the rock 270 million years ago.

Tours (included in the price)

March 23rd 2024 : Hobart – Perth

Morning flight to Perth. Arrival early afternoon Tour of the city, visit to Kings Park and Fremantle.

March 24th 2024 : Perth

Première Safrans : choice of a visit to the Wave Rock Desert or a visit to Margaret River vineyards.

Club Safrans : Excursion to the Pinnacles Desert.

Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
Como The Treasury 5*
The Ritz Carlton 5*

Club Safrans :
The Westin Perth 5*


Your flight


March 23rd : Hobart - Perth
Departure late morning; arrival early afternoon
Flight time : 4 hours 15 minutes


The Maldives

Maldives paradise stay

As you savour an imaginative lunch in the clouds, you have just crossed the Indian Ocean. Seen from above, this is an incredibly beautiful sight. You land in the Maldives: an idyllic archipelago scattered over 800 km south-west of Kerala, in India. Very soon you reach your luxurious island-hotel, walk around your villa, with its view of one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons – and in short, get your bearings, so as not to miss a single minute of the next three sunsets. You sip a cocktail on your terrace, hazily aware of the liquid soughing of palm trees mingled with the more distant sound of the surf on the coral reef. The air is warm, the breeze caressing. The ambiance? “No shoes, no news.” The surroundings? Powdery sand, an endless turquoise sea and a myriad multi-coloured fish. So to relax, will you choose snorkelling? The spa? A spot of reading? Or one of the many activities on offer? This is your Robinson Crusoe Island... in a paradise version.

Tours (included in the price)

March 25th 2023 : Perth - Maldives

After a morning flight to Malé. You're here for three nights, with nothing but your own company, lazing around in the heart of this unparalleled little paradise.

March 26th 2023 : Maldives 

Stay free-at-leisure with a white sandy beach and turquoise waters.

March 27th 2023 : Maldives

Another day on the sandy beach of the Indian Ocean.


Your hotels - 3 nights

Première Safrans :
Raffles Meradhoo Resort 5*
Club Safrans :
Pullman Maamutaa Resort 5*

Your flight

ED SPECIALE 07 Perth Maldives

March 25th :
Perth - Malé
Departure in the early morning; arrival after lunch
Flight time : 8 hours


Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Gorilla Rwanda Volcano Wolrd Tour

Not even an hour's flight away, the mountainous contours of Tasmania appear in the region south-east of Australia, in the path of the famous Roaring Forties. Known as the 'Natural State' and ‘Island of Inspiration Island', it is largely classified as nature reserves, national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites. You will land in Hobart, the capital mingling countryside and city, and the logistical base for the French icebreaker L'Astrolabe, which has been involved in most of our Antarctic expeditions to the Adelie Land. You'll visit the residential site of Battery Point; Salamanca Square, the historic and cultural heart of Hobart; the stunning Museum of Old and New Art (MONA); the former prison centre of Port Arthur and the charming colonial village of Richmond. And as well as all these wonders, Tasmania will offer you its own inaccessible world during your stopover.

Tours (included in the price)

March 28th 2024 : Ngorongoro Crater

Flight to Tanzania, arrival in the early afternoon.
In Première Safrans, flight to Serengeti for your first Safari. 
In Club Safrans, arrival and settling in at your lodge. 

March 29th 2024 : Ngorongoro Crater

Safari to spot the "Big 5".

March 30th 2024 : Ngorongoro Crater

In Première Safrans, Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater. 
In Club Safrans, Safari and meet a local tribe. 

Your hotels - 3 nights

Première Safrans :
National Serengeti Park:
Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti 5*

Ngorongoro Crater: 
Neptune Ngorongoro Luxury Lodge 5*

Club Safrans :

Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge 4*

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge 4*

Your flight

ED SPECIALE 08 Maldives Rwanda Paris

March 28th :
Malé - Kilimanjaro
Departure before lunch and arrival in the afternoon.
Flight time : 10 hours 45 minutes


Jerusalem, Israel

Gorilla Rwanda Volcano Wolrd Tour

Onboard your private jet, just like the Queen of Saba who joined King Solomon, you will land in the Holy Land, filled with history and modernity. In the Citadel of King David, you will attend the spectacular sound and light show that retraces the city's thousand-year-old history. The next day, you will travel through the crossroads of religions that is Jerusalem. After a meditation at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and while evoking the Via Dolorosa, you will enter the Armenian quarter which will lead you to the Jewish quarter of the Cardo to the Wailing Wall. Of course you will also have a breathtaking view of the golden dome of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and the panorama will be even better from the top of the Mount of Olives. What more beautiful tribute could we have paid to the wonders of the world, if not this dazzling stopover ?
In tune with these emotions, we have chosen to celebrate together the end of this World Tour, during a gala dinner in a magical location.

Tours (included in the price)

March 31st 2024 : Kilimanjaro - Jersualem

Flight in the morning, arrival at midday. Free time and sound and light show.

April 1st 2024 : Jerusalem

Panorama from the top of the Mount of Olives.

April 2nd 2024 : Jerusalem - Paris

Visit of Tel Aviv. Flight in the evening and arrival at the end of the evening.

Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
King David Hotel Jerusalem 5*

Club Safrans :
Leonardo Jerusalem Hotel 5*

Your flight

ED SPECIALE 08 Maldives Rwanda Paris

March 31st :
Kilimanjaro - Jerusalem
Departure before lunch and arrival in the afternoon.
Flight time : 5 hours 

April 2nd :
Jerusalem - Paris
Departure before lunch and arrival in the afternoon.
Flight time : 4 hours 30 minutes




Safrans du Monde Avion privé A321neo

Find your dedicated seat on board your Private Jet and (re)discover the incomparable comfort and thrill of a long-haul trip.

Flying Grand Luxury way.

The excitement of a long-haul journey begins with the plane. Especially when it involves a luxury air cruise.
Flying on board your pirvatised jet is a unique experience. Share passion and discoveries with fellow Grand Travelers, and rediscover this Art of Living once associated with the essence of traveling.Focusing on the program of visits without having to worry about formalities, luggage and useless waiting.

On board, your seat is a flatbed, 50 cm wide, it turns into a cosy bed. As each flight takes place during the day, you'll no doubt appreciate the generous entertainment system, the quality of your personnal screen and the delight of a caring crew.

Taste the cuisine of a creative Executive Chef and perhaps you'll let yourself drift off to sleep on the ultra-soft mattress, and enjoy a cosy nap above the clouds. 

Two travel options for this All Inclusive Air Cruise :

The Première Safrans, the quintessential way of travel, in the air and at every destination!

 Choosing the Première Safrans means that at each stopover you stay in the most exclusive hotel, the size of your room is even more generous, you eat at the top restaurants and special care is taken with your wine selection. Of course, your program of visits is extended, and includes helicopter rides and visits in Hawaii and the Fiordlands, a 3-nights stay at leisure in the Maldives at the Raffles Meradhoo 5*, the unique experiences and many other surprises... A professional tour leader and carefully chosen local guides take meticulous care of your small independent group of 16 travellers.

Service on board is First Class, with priority boarding, your seat in the forward part of the plane that turns into a completely flat bed and an individual screen. You will enjoy a selection of fine wines and menus prepared exclusively for our Première Safrans passengers.

And to welcome you in France, benefit from 2 complementary hotel nights and transfers between your hotel and the airport, for a stress free take-off of your Wolrd Tour !

Our Club Safrans,

Services on the ground include accommodation in 5-star hotels, full board, evening events and shows. In the Maldives Polynesia, you will stay at the Pullman 5*, and a full program of excursions and visits is laid on with every stopover. Local guides and dedicated tour leader will take good care of your group of no more than 25 travellers.

On board, the service is Business Class and your flatbed seat with its personal screen unfolds into a bed. Menus are prepared by our Chef, Paul Caussé, and complemented by our selection of wines and spirits.                                        

  Avion privé Repas   Safrans Avion A321n

Safrans LaCompagnie divertissement

Avion privé LaCompagnie lit
Non contractual images.



The World Tour Special Edition

Euros price per person :



Club Safrans 72 000 €

Première Safrans 110 000 €

*Price calculated on the basis of 2 people travelling together and subject to availability at the time of booking.


Our prices include :

The 22-day Air Cruise in a private plane, accommodation in double rooms to be shared in 5-star city or similar hotels, and separate rooms for Première Safrans passengers. Full board, on the basis of 3 meals per day, some of which are in-flight, from lunch on the first day to dinner on the last day. Drinks on board the private jet: champagne, spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks, etc. and standard drinks at meals (wine, mineral water, beer and soft drinks). All transfers, excursions and tours scheduled in the programme by coach, minibus, boat, 4X4 vehicle, train with local guides speaking French or English; for non-French speaking passengers, another language (without supplement in English and as from 8 participants together speaking another language).  From Paris to Paris, the services of a Cruise Director, a team of guides and a French doctor. The evening events included in the programme. The handling of immigration formalities and hold luggage wherever authorised. The carrying of luggage in all airports that allow it. Luggage allowance: 1 piece of luggage of 23 kg per person with Club Safrans; 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg with Première Safrans. Gratuities. Repatriation assistance insurance, airport taxes, issue fees and visa fees.

Our prices do not include :

Drinks outside the programme (bars, mini bars, drinks other than beer, wine and light drinks during meals in the stopovers, etc.).
Expenses of a personal nature (telephone, laundry, etc.).
Optional multi-risk cancellation insurance: 7% of the total price of the trip 

Options (subject to availability) :

  • Stopover variants: see details in our Variants brochure.
  • Double room for single use: + €4,250 with Club Safrans and + €8,250 with Safrans First.
  • Porthole seat for individual traveller: + €750 per person.
  • Accommodation in Junior Suites: please contact us.
  • Excursions with private guide and vehicle in stopovers: + €10,000 per person (based on 2 people) 
  • Pre/post arrival package in Paris including domestic flight or train, 4 transfers and 2 nights in a 4* hotel: €820 per person from mainland France and € 1,200 per person from the overseas departments and other countries
  • Multi-risk cancellation insurance: 7% of the price of the trip
  • Excursions with a private guide speaking Spanish, German, Russian, Italian or Portuguese: no extra charge from 8 passengers speaking the same
    language; + €3,000 per person up to 8 passengers speaking the same language.

Formalities :

For information as of 1 January 2023 for French nationals:
Biometric passport valid for 6 months after the return date.
Visa formalities.
No vaccinations are required (apart from full vaccination against COVID-19); consult your doctor for more details on recommended vaccinations.

Registration requirements :

No extra fee for wire transfer payment in USD or payment in EUR, contact us for other payment methods.

Registration form duly completed, signed and:

  • 1st deposit of 30% when booking;
  • 2nd deposit of 20% to be received by 5 July 2023;
  • Balance to be received by 5 September 2023.

Insurance :

To be taken out at the time of booking: 7% of the total amount of the trip. For the precise details of its conditions, please refer to Assurever’s documentation, provided at the time of registration. Assistance/luggage/repatriation: included in the price of the trip.
Professional Liability Insurance: taken out by Safrans du Monde with GENERALI IARD, 2 rue Pillet Will, 75009 PARIS, for 2,000,000 euros, policy AR960648, in order to cover the consequences of any professional liability Safrans du Monde incurs in its capacity as a travel operator, within the limits of the aforementioned policy.

Cancellation Policy :

Any cancellation will have to be communicated by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and will involve the following cancellation costs depending on the date of receipt:
• 180 days or more before departure: 10 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 179 to 120 days before departure: 30 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 119 to 90 days before departure: 40 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 89 to 60 days before departure: 50 % of the travel amount;
• From 59 to 30 days before departure: 75 % of the amount of the journey;
• Less than 30 days before departure: 100 per cent of the travel amount;

Prices and conditions of performance :

Our prices, payable in Euros, are firm, but may be revised, according to the terms and conditions described below and the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in article R.211-12 of the Tourism Code, which are appended to this brochure. Our prices are drawn up with reference to the economic conditions in force on 1 June 2021, in particular for accommodation, transport and fuel costs, various taxes (tourist, security, airport, etc.) and the exchange rate of the Brazilian Real and the American Dollar If necessary, a supplement may be applied to cover the costs of mandatory health tests or protocols during stopovers. Air transport is provided according to this programme; airlines and aircraft types are given for information only and may be subject to change without notice. Given the complexity of this trip, the type of aircraft and/or any stopovers may be modified or even replaced, if justified by an event beyond the organiser's control and unforeseen at the time the brochure is published (1 June 2021, in particular with regard to hotels and/or authorisations to land at or take off from a scheduled airport). If the group does not reach the minimum number of participants for the type of aircraft, the Air Cruise may be cancelled. In the event of significant changes, i.e. cancellation of the departure due to lack of participants or a change in the price of the trip or a significant change in the itinerary (more than one stopover), customers will be informed as far as possible no later than 21 days before departure. In each of these three cases, customers will have 8 days after receiving the notification to accept the new proposal or request the cancellation of their registration. In this precise case, the sums paid by customers will be reimbursed in full, but no compensation may be claimed. Likewise, if the trip has to be cancelled due to an epidemic, case of force majeure or exceptional and unavoidable circumstances as defined by Article L211-14 of the Tourism Code, customers may not claim any compensation. Any interruption of the trip that is not the organiser's fault will not be reimbursed, even partially, either for transport services or for other services, except where an insurance company covers all or part of the costs, within the limits of the insurance policy taken out.

After sales :

Any claims must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt as soon as possible and no later than 20 days after the date of return, enclosing supporting documents, to Safrans du Monde - 54, rue Taitbout - 75009 PARIS. RCS Paris 504 235 854 - Simplified joint stock company with a capital of €18,000 - NAF no. 7911Z - IM 075140076 - ATRADIUS Financial Guarantee.