European Departures

Grand Luxury Expeditions from Paris.
Departing PARIS
Brazil - Argentina - Chile - Peru - Ecuador
Departing PARIS
New-York - Lima - Easter Island - French Polynesia - Sydney - Hanoi - Angkor - Jaipur - Agra - Cairo

North American Departures

Grand Luxury Expeditions from the US.
Departing NEW YORK
Lima - Easter Island - French Polynesia - Sydney - Hanoi - Angkor - Jaipur - Agra - Cairo - Paris
Departing MIAMI
Lima - Easter Island - French Polynesia - Sydney - Hanoi - Angkor - Jaipur - Agra - Petra - Paris
Avion luxe tour du monde
Private Jet
Discover in pictures and video our home in the sky for the next around the world Tour in October and March.
Experience a magical stay, before the beginning of your Air Cruise.


Ready for a world tour? Your world tour? The  journey of a lifetime, a journey of desires, take a flight to discover the richness of the planet. And treat yourself to a break from time, made of magical encounters, enchanting smells, exotic flavors and exquisite lights.

A world tour that, far from being limited to a simple succession of stops, each more mythical than the other, will lead you to privileged places on all continents that you will have the pleasure of discovering really and intimately.
A tour of the world as an invitation to take time and to take the height to broaden his vision of the world.

How? Thanks to a program combining discovery and contemplation. A program that stimulates the imagination and immerses the traveler in the world of a mythical palace, with particular attention paid to the accommodation, the catering but also to the sense of service, detail and the friendliness of an exclusive guide.
For a luxury weekend or a palace tour of the world, a cruise or a luxury train trip, it is this spirit that helps to create the event and the exceptional character of a world tour.
Whether it's for a small group, for a family trip or as part of a customized individual trip.

A trip around the World as a globetrotter through America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. Since 2003, Safrans Du Monde, a tour operator and travel agency specializing in tailor-made trips, world tours and air cruises, has been offering unforgettable experiences all over the world.

And discover our tailor-made World Tours, created on-demand according to your preferences with the help of our travel designers.

Guy Bigiaoui and his team of travel enthusiasts are at your disposal to organize your trip of a lifetime !