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Each journey is designed with the utmost care and attention to details.
Air Cruise
Rio - Cuzco - Easter Island - French Polynesia - Sydney - Hanoi - Angkor - Agra - Petra
The World Tour by Private Jet Special Edition 2024
Air Cruise
Mexico - Hawaii - Fiji - New Zealand - Tasmania - Perth - Maldives - Tanzania - Jerusalem
Experience a magical stay, before the beginning of your Air Cruise.


Ready for a world tour? Your world tour? The  journey of a lifetime, a journey of desires, take a flight to discover the richness of the planet.
And treat yourself to a break from time, made of magical encounters, enchanting smells, exotic flavors and exquisite lights.
A world tour that, far from being limited to a simple succession of stops, each more mythical than the other, will lead you to privileged places on all continents that you will have the pleasure of discovering really and intimately.
A tour of the world as an invitation to take time and to take the height to broaden his vision of the world.

How? Thanks to a program combining discovery and contemplation. A program that stimulates the imagination and immerses the traveler in the world of a mythical palace, with particular attention paid to the accommodation, the catering but also to the sense of service, detail and the friendliness of an exclusive guide.
For a luxury weekend or a palace tour of the world, a cruise or a luxury train trip, it is this spirit that helps to create the event and the exceptional character of a world tour.
Whether it's for a small group, for a family trip or as part of a customized individual trip.

Go around the world to discover the most beautiful beaches, the paradise islands of Tahiti or places with an extraordinary fauna and flora like the Galapagos or Patagonia.

A trip around the World as a globetrotter through America, Oceania, Asia and Europe
Since 2003, Safrans Du Monde, a tour operator and travel agency specializing in tailor-made trips, world tours and air cruises, has been offering unforgettable experiences all over the world.
Guy Bigiaoui and his team of travel enthusiasts are at your disposal to organize your honeymoon, give a gift to a friend