An Incomparable Flight Experience

Your Seat - Your Chef - Your Plane 

 Airx cabine sofas

Our CEO, Guy Bigiaoui, welcomes you onboard your privatized A340.
100 full flatbed seats and a meticulous service: the perfect alchemy for a luxury world tour.



The emotion of a long-haul trip begins with the plane you board.

Welcome onboard your aircraft, specially fitted and prepared for this one of a kind journey : 9 destinations, 10 flights, 1 trully unique Experience.
Your dedicated seat will be waiting for you, after each stopover of discoveries.

  • Fully equipped Airbus A340 with 100 wide and comfortable seats, all of which turn into perfectly horizontal beds.
  • 2-meter separation between each row for added privacy and comfort.
  • Entertainment system for our passengers to enjoy during their flight.
  • Lounge area with leather sofas for socializing and enjoying cocktails or champagne while in the sky.
  • Experienced crew providing warm and attentive service.
  • Daytime flights scheduled for optimal comfort.
  • Refined cocoon-like atmosphere for added comfort and luxury.
  • An exquisite gourmet dining experience menu designed by our Chef Paul Caussé. Paired with fine wines, liquors and champagnes.




The art of long-distance travel re-imagined

A340 tour du monde

Safrans du Monde has chosen the best by working with an exceptional company, specialized in private aviation.

Airx cabine sofas

Traveling around the world in the comfort of your fully equipped Airbus A340 offers you a refined cocoon and the warm service of its experienced crew.

Airx cabine sofas

This aircraft, initially designed for nearly 300 passengers, is equipped with only 100 wide and very comfortable seats.
But also provides its passengers with a lounge aera, with sofas to socialize with your fellow World Tourers.





Paul Causse Chef luxe aviation

Your World Tour is also a celebration of flavours, excellence and the French lifestyle. We have selected outstanding restaurants for you to discover delightful local gastronomies. We love the idea that each flight of your Air Cruise can provide unforgettable culinary experiences. Hence, we have once again called on the talents of Chef Paul Caussé... Who has agreed to join us, rising to the challenge of the incomparable creativity and quality we always aim for.

For us, for you and for each flight, he has created unique menus. Silver lining: he has designed three-course «fusion» meals, based on the cuisines of the country we are leaving and the country we are going to. Before joining us, our travelling chef went through the renowned Ferrandi school and outstanding restaurants such as Astrance in Paris and Hyo Tey in Kyoto. On board, he will be happy to chat with you about Japanese ikejime technique, the role of the tamada in the Caucasus cuisine and the thousand and one spices picked up from all our stopovers.

You will be fascinated to hear about his passion and his thrill to take part in the unique adventure of these unparalleled flights !