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The World Tour Grands Classiques 2023

Edition 2023, see our new 2024 itinerary here !

World Tour Grand Classiques Luxury

October 24th to November 14th 2023

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Edition 2023, see our new 2024 itinerary here !


Take your seats: your Grand Luxury World Tour is about to begin!

Follow us to mythical cities and sites on every continent, unforgettable encounters, gala evenings, moments of enchantment, extraordinary experiences… This one-of-a-kind journey is said to be that of a lifetime.

On board our luxury private plane, flying is chic and everything is designed to please. Your dedicated seat awaits; appetizers, canapés and meals are prepared and served in that inimitable French style on a white tablecloth, with crockery worthy of the highest standards of private aviation.
Our Chef has created special menus for your delight, and will attend to your every wish. The Champagne and fine wines have been handpicked by our sommelier, and our elegant crew is attentive to all your demands. Just lie back and enjoy it all: everyone is poised to give you the very best and create the most unique flight experience.

Then comes the time of the stopover. A festival of wonders, with a daily whirlwind of images and thrills galore. After an introduction to the Bay of Rio you reach Machu Picchu where the Incas celebrated the Sun, then the mysterious Easter Island watched over by its stone giants. Soon you yield to the charms of French Polynesia, adorned in black pearls and crystal lagoons, its islands welcome you for a real holiday in paradise! Cross the International Date Line, your jet touches down in Sydney. You can already see the Opera House! Another hop in the sky, vibrant Hanoi awaits you, followed by the tranquility of Halong Bay, already the temples of Angkor greet you, magnificent and moving. What’s next...? India and the fascinating Taj Mahal, sublime white marble declaration of love. The last chapter of your World Tour will be spectacular, as you witness the pink Treasure of Petra and the magical splendor of the Wadi Rum desert.

And even though everything is included, we can create customized excursions for you to make this journey your own. Our concierge service will be happy to accommodate special requests, like a hot-air balloon excursion, a helicopter flight, or an intimate candlelit dinner under the stars. And if you have already visited one of our destinations, we will always have an alternative, sometimes more secret and equally exciting program for you.

As Mark Twain said: "Explore, dream, discover". Enter our universe, and its highly select club of travel insiders. You’ll be amazed at this glorious way of discovering the wonders of the planet.

Join a very exclusive circle of Beau Voyage lovers and live a truly memorable experience, because, after all, sky is the limit! Request our brochure to find out all the options of this World Tour by private plane, or ask us any questions you like here!


Map World Tour 2023

Edition 2023, see our new 2024 itinerary here ! 


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro World Tour

To celebrate the first flight of your World Tour, our Chef has created a gala menu served in the sky. Champagne! What an imaginative way of setting the scenery for such a fabulous adventure ahead. The starting point is across the Ocean, the Bay of Rio is like a postcard that leaves one speechless. The Sugar Loaf, the monumental statue of Christ the Redeemer... The endless beach of Copacabana where “futebol” competes joyfully with flirting, Carioca ladies, strolling on Ipanema like others dance, and this glamorous spirit of a never-ending celebration. Samba, samba! Tonight let’s party!

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

October 24th: Paris - Rio de Janeiro

And here you are. The great departure date for your World Tour has arrived. You are going to step into your private jet and take off for Rio de Janeiro. Lunch will be served onboard, at the end of the afternoon you will be in Brazil, settled into your hotel where dinner will be served.

October 25th: Rio de Janeiro

You are ready to start your exploration of the wonders of the World ! For this first day you are going on an orientation and discovery tour of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the various stages of the day you are going to enjoy the sight from Sugar Loaf Mountain and encounter the Christ the Redeemer statue on the imposing Corcovado mountains that watch over the Bay. You could even fly over Rio by helicopter (with supplement). You will get a taste of the Brazilian atmosphere, during your Carioca lunch and then take part in your Opening Special dinner with a samba show in a privileged setting.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • Helicopter flight over Rio (departing from Sugarloaf Mountain),
  • A day in Petropolis
  • Surprise experience day tour.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans:
Belmond Copacabana 5*

Club Safrans:
Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana 5*

Your Flight

carte escale 001 ANG

October 24th: Paris – Rio de Janeiro
Take-off: Morning | Landing: late afternoon
Flight time 12:20


Machu Picchu, Peru *

Machu Picchu World Tour

Up in the heights, you’ll soak up the colorful atmosphere of Cusco, the splendid capital of the Incas perched between the Andes mountains and the Amazonian Forest. You’ll stroll along its cobbled streets and then take the road bordered by green meadows, where llamas wander around freely. In the distance, the white summit of Sahuasiray dominates the Cordillera, whose waters nourish the centuries-old heart of the Quechua people. This is your destination: the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Tomorrow, you will take a seat on the amazing Andean train that winds along the Urubamba River to Machu Picchu, the mythical citadel of the Sun. There you will approach the breathtakingly aesthetic ruins of the temples, guardians of the mysteries and rites of this land of legends.

* If, at 3 months prior departure, the situation in Peru does not allow the realization of this stopover, this one will be replaced by the Iguaçu Falls.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

October 26th: Rio de Janeiro - Cuzco

You are flying off to Cusco this morning. After your direct flight, your discovery of the Inca heritage will start upon landing, on your way to your somptuous hotel nestled in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

October 27th: Machu Picchu

This morning you will experience a train trip with panoramic views of the extraordinary scenery of the Cordillera and ride across the Sacred Valley and its picturesque villages to reach Machu Picchu. If you are travelling in Première Safrans, you will have the opportunity to live a timeless ride on board the luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham with a fine dinner on your way back to the hotel. Your guide will tell you the secrets of the Amazing citadel of the Incas, its legends and the ingenighty of its architects. Lunch in Aguas Calientes (train terminus). In Club Safrans you will have dinner when you return to the hotel or onboard the Hiram Bingham for passengers of Première Safrans.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • A day in the Sacred Valley of the Incas: Moray Inca historical site, Chinchero (instead of Machu Picchu excursion),
  • Surprise day tour.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans :
Tambo del Inka 5*
Sol y Luna Relais & Châteaux 5*

Club Safrans :
Hacienda Inkaterra Urubamba 5*
Aranwa Sacred Valley 5*

Your flight

carte escale 002

October 26th: Rio de Janeiro - Cusco
Take-off: Morning | Landing at Cusco: early afternoon
Flight time 5:00


Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island World Tour

Brace yourself for the awe! You have come to meet such a unique population: the Moai. This is how are called the 887 stone statues that wrote the legend of Easter Island, a confetti lost in the middle of the Pacific. Standing at several meters high, they weigh an average of ten tons and were planted there between the 13th and 15th century. How? Why? This remains one of the most puzzling enigmas of our time. Tonight, during an unforgettable evening under the stars, the Rapa Nui will tell you about the mysteries of their land, the volcanoes whose vibrations carry the story of Creation. They will share with you the secret of the Moai.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

October 28th: Cusco - Easter Island

This morning, your private jet will take you to Easter Island! Enjoy a lunch cooked by our Chef before landing on this mysterious, well-preserved, island, feeling as if you had reached the very end of the earth. Your guide will introduce you to the Rano Kau volcano, the famous Tahai Moais statues and legends of Polynesian antique civilisations. Finish your day with an experience of the magic of a Rapa Nui show under a starlit sky!


Your hotels - 1 night

Première Safrans :
Nayara Hangaroa 5*
Explora Rapa Nui 5*

Club Safrans :
Hare Uta / Altiplanico

Your flight

carte escale 003

October 28th: Cusco - Lima - Easter Island
Take-off: Morning | Landing: early afternoon
Flight time 6:15


French Polynesia, Overseas French territory

Tahiti Bora Bora Brando French Polynesia World Tour

Landing in Tahiti is a change of outlook on life. Intoxicating scents of tiara flowers, bougainvillea waterfalls, hibiscus hedges, sensually knotted pareos, French on the lips, smooth insouciance as vivid birds flow above the clear waters of the pristine lagoon... We quickly understand why so many travelers; Brel, Gauguin and Loti proclaimed that French Polynesia is no less than paradise. Do you agree? In Club Safrans, you are to stay in Moorea, the sister island of Tahiti, and if you choose the Première Safrans, Bora Bora will be yours for 4 nights. Other islands are also waiting to introduce you to their charms: the Tuamotu, the Marquesas or a stay at The Brando where the actor liked to retire between shootings.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

October 29th: Easter Island - Papeete (or Bora Bora)

A last glance on the Island of Giants, an exquisite lunch in the sky prepared by your Chef and our jet is already landing in French Polynesia. If you are travelling in Club Safrans you will check in your somptuous hotel in Moorea and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. If you are travelling in Première Safrans you will fly off to spend some time at leisure on a 4-night stay in Bora Bora.

October 30thMoorea - Tahiti - Moorea (or Bora Bora)

This morning, if you travel in Club Safrans, we invite you to an excursion around the Island of Tahiti, starting  with the splendid panoramic view from the Taharaa to the botanical gardens via the Arahoho Blowhole, One Tree Hill and the magnificent Vaipahi gardens. The greenery is lush and shelters a beautiful waterfall. You will have the time to enjoy lunch in the midst of all these sights before continuing to luxuriate in the beauty of the Vaipahi gardens. This exquisite day will come to an end with a trip to the Maraa caves.

October 31st Moorea (or Bora Bora)

This morning, you will visit Moorea Island. Admire the most beautiful nooks and crannies on the island and discover all its secrets. Drink in the atmosphere imbued with ukeleles and the Vahine, from the lookout to Opunohu and Cook Bays, against a backdrop of Polynesian tattoos and omnipresent flowers. You will then enjoy a free afternoon on the beach and savour its turquoise water in an idyllic setting.

November 1st: Moorea (or Bora Bora)

Day at leisure. In the evening your Polynesian experience will be topped off with a dinner dance show.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)
  • Stay for 4 or 2 nights on Tetiaroa at The Brando, a superb 5-star luxury eco-resort to enjoy the epitome of luxury and exception,
  • Stay for 4 or 2 nights at leisure on Bora Bora at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui 5*. (included at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Spa 5* for Première Safrans passengers),
  • Inland excursion on the Island (Tahiti),
  • Various helicopter flights over Moorea, Tahiti and Bora Bora available.
  • Discover the Marquesas islands


Your hotels - 4 nights

Première Safrans :
Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa 5*
Conrad Bora Bora 5*

Club Safrans
Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea 5*
Hilton Moorea 5*

Your flight

carte escale 004

October 29th: Easter Island – Tahiti
Take-off: late morning | Landing: early afternoon
Flight time 5:10


Sydney, Australia

Sydney Tour du Monde

Today, you cross the international date line, the only border that transports you to tomorrow in an instant. You touch down in Australia, home T of koalas and kangaroos and ancestral land of the indigenous Aboriginals. They will reveal the roots of their culture and ancestral legends to you. Rest assured that you will see the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the famous Bondi Beach, where strollers and surfers can be found from the crack of dawn.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 2nd & 3rd: Tahiti - Sydney

With the scent of you flower garden still lingering after your Polynesian experience, get back to your seat in the private jet: destination Australia. It is now time for you to experience the magical, unforgettable moment in the World Tour, crossing the International Date Line. Unbelievable your are now travelling through time.

November 4th: Sydney

"G'day mate", Sydney and its bay are rolling out the red carpet for you. You will soon walk in the streets of the Rocks, the emblematic old district of the city, then stroll through Circular Quay to reach the world-famous Opera House before boarding for a lunch cruise on the Bay. The rest of your afternoon will give you time to freely feel the Australian way of life.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • Show at the Opera House,
  • Day tour to the Blue Mountains.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans:
Four Seasons Sydney 5*

Club Safrans:
Fullerton Hotel Sydney 5*

Your flight

carte escale 005

November 2nd & 3rd: Papeete – Sydney
Take-off: late morning | Landing: next day in afternoon
Flight time 8:30


Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay World Tour

Welcome to Southeast Asia. Take a rickshaw ride, visit the Temple of Literature, face the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, take a deep breath and dive in the grandiose urban chaos of Hanoi. A crazy traffic, it’s true, but observe the astonishing harmony of street kitchens, miniature stalls, torrents of motorcycles, dodging pedestrians and doll houses. The city was designed according to the cosmogony laws, here a lake adorned with a temple, an artisan district next door, a botanical garden that hosts collective morning exercise right next to it, a market... Hanoi is the embodiment of the art of living together. Then, you will reclaim the calm of great nature in Halong bay. Away from the beaten and busy tracks, you savor one of the most beautiful pictures of Vietnam, between clear waters and thousands of monoliths covered in emerald.

If you travel in Première Safrans, you will spend the evening and night on a luxury junk. The magic of its overwhelmingly starry sky is yours to take.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 5th: Sydney – Hanoi

This morning you will meet kangaroos, koalas and other emblematic animals of Australia before taking off for Vietnam. Once again you will experience a wonderful change of scenery and discover a new culture.

November 6th: Hanoï (Halong)

You will be offered the great opportunity to visit the mysterious Halong Bay today. You will sail between the small islands and come across fishing village and caves, all bathed in a strange, enigmatic atmosphere which is sure to enchant you. Return to Hanoï at the end of your day. If you are travelling in Première Safrans, you will enjoy a magic moment by spending a night on a luxurious traditionnal Vietnamese boat in the middle of the quiet bay. 

November 7th: Hanoï

Hanoï is going to display its most traditional side to you. You will visit the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the Temple of Literature as well as the Tran Quoc Pagoda, which is the oldest in the city. You will also have the opportunity to travel on a rickshaw through the town and you will have lunch and some free time to stroll around the old quarters. You will then return and enjoy a Vietnamese dinner. If you are travelling in Première Classe, this second day will be spent sailing in the Halong Bay before you return to the capital to enjoy a gastronomic Vietnamese dinner.

Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • A day in Ninh Binh (terrestrial Ha Long Bay),
  • Surprise day tour.


Your hotels - 3 nights

Première Safrans :
Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoï 5*
Luxury Junk on the Halong Bay 5*

Club Safrans :
Hôtel de l'Opera 5*

Your flight

Carte Sydney Hanoi Tour du Monde 2020

November 5th: Sydney - Hanoi
Take-off: morning | Landing: in the afternoon
Flight time: 9:30


Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor Temple Cambodia World Tour

Silence please, let the magic of Angkor submerge you. It is exceptional. These temples are born from a unique stonework technique consisting of S carving stone and melting it on the lush tropical vegetation. Here the sky’s affairs echo on an infinity lake and the statues invite you to retain their enigmatic message. Rows of graceful Apsaras, luscious temples, mazes and dark rooms, mystical smiling Buddhas... Your emotions will match the marvel you will experience. A grandiose show will be set as the final touch to this exceptional visit. But’s a surprise...

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 8th: Hanoï - Siem Reap

This morning you will take off for the seventh destination of your World Tour: Cambodia and it's marvelous Angkor Temples. After a short flight you will land in Siem Reap just after lunch for a short tour of the city before settling in your hotel.

November 9th: Angkor Wat

Full day of visits: Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom temple and Angkor Thom town.

November 10th: Angkor

Day free at leisure. Enjoy the comfort of your hotel or one of the numerous options and activities available in our Alternative programs (with extra charge).

And this gala dinner, set in a privatised temple, orchestrated by the Asparas Royal Ballet dances, will give you the last chills of this marvelous discovery of the Khmer civilisation.

Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • Helicopter flight over Angkor temples,
  • Daytour in the Cambodian countryside (with visit of Banteay Srei temple),
  • Craftman shopping at the old market (accompanied by a guide),
  • Excursion to the mysterious Temples (Beng Mealea, Koh Ker),
  • Surprise daytour.


Your hotels - 3 nights

Première Safrans : 
Zannier Phum Baitang 5*
Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor 5*

Club Safrans :
Sofitel Siem Reap 5*
FCC Angkor by Avani 5*

Your flight

Carte Baie Halong Angkor Tour du Monde 2020

November 8th: Hanoi - Siem Reap
Take-off: morning | Landing: after lunch
Flight time 1:40


Taj Mahal & Agra, India

Taj Mahal World tour

Let’s talk about Love. As you contemplate the white marble temple of perfect harmony youunderstand what defines a «Wonder of the World». Located on Agra’s riverbank, this mausoleum was built in the 17th century by Emperor Shâh Jahân who wanted to offer his wife a token of eternal passion. Successful declaration! Delicate sculptures, walls inlaid with semi-precious stones, elegant basins, slender minarets, flowerbeds. The hymn to love is universal. You will celebrate it tonight during a show that will unwind Indian magics.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 11th: Siem Reap - Agra

This morning, your private jet will get you to India. As soon as you touch Indian soil, you will head to the fabulous Taj Mahal, with its captivating symetry and the serenity that emanates from it. You will then be taken to your hotel, welcomed by traditionnal dance and music in a festive atmosphere. This evening, discover the Moghul culture, with the finest tastes of Indian gastronomy.


Your hotels - 1 night

Première Safrans:
The Oberoi Amarvillas 5*

Club Safrans:
ITC Mughal 5*

Your flight

Siem reap Taj Mahl private flight

November 11th: Siem Reap - Agra (via Delhi)
Take-off: morning | Landing: after lunch.
Flight time 4:15


Petra and Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

Petra Tour du Monde

It seems like an initiatory path. The one that guides you to the Treasury - as is called the temple of Petra - leads you between two narrow sandstone walls to then reveal the wonder. In full light, there lies the tomb of Kazneh. Its 40-meter-high facade was carved out of the pristine canyon. Its color changes from pink to coppery iridescent white and even gold as it dances with the daylight. Here is the splendid testimony of the Nabataeans, the pinnacle of a vast religious citadel carved at the beginning of our era. Before your final excursion in the desert of Wadi Rum, comes the time of celebration. Our team wishes it to be the apotheosis of your trip. It must sum up all the wonders that have paraded before you during these 22 days. We promise, you will never forget it. Shouldn’t we immortalize it with a picture? The photographer is already there and the party begins. It will be worthy of the Arabian Nights, just like your World Tour!

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 12th: Agra - Aqaba

At the end of the morning you’ll have a quick flight to take you to Aqaba. By the time you have finished your on-board lunch you will be in the land of the Nabataeans, a nomadic people who were travellers ahead of their time. You will then travel along the road of kings and have time to appreciate the unique scenery before finally reaching the amazing city of Petra.

November 13th: Petra

This morning you will wake up impatient to see the most exceptional sight that the famous city of Petra has for you, the treasure that is half-built and half-sculpted out of rock and out of time. You will explore the marvels of this place and stroll between those warmly coloured rocks which are so imbued with history. Surrounded by scenery that could be from a movie-set, you will understand how sensitive these nomadic people are when you see the delicate sculptures they have made out of the rock. You will have lunch and then continue exploring. Dinner itself will also reflect the traditions of this new culture which has come to augment the scope of culture experienced in this World Trip. We have planned the ultimate event for this last evening, set against a fantastically poignant background. You will enjoy a sumptuous party under the stars, as exotic as the Arabian Nights, and as fabulous as your World Trip.

November 14th: Wadi Rum - Aqaba - Paris

Today you are going to meet the Wadi Rum desert Bedouins. You are going to explore the fantastic scenery of a huge desert of undulating sand dunes in a 4x4. You will share your lunch with our hosts at a camp, very close to the local people, so you can observe their lifestyle at close quarters and understand their traditions. After this moving, dazzling experience you will once again board your private jet, this time to fly back to France. After your flight and last onboard dinner you will be back in the French capital and your World Tour will have come to a full circle.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Première Safrans:

Kempinski Aqaba 5*
Club Safrans:
Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla 5*

Your flight

Delhi Aqaba Paris Wolrd tour

November 12th: Delhi – Aqaba
Take-off:  morning | Landing: after lunch
Flight time 5:15

November 14th: Aqaba – Paris
Take-off: evening | Landing: late evening
Flight time 5:00

 You have just experienced the most amazing trip through time, civilisations and the wonders of the world.



Flying! in Grand Luxury

The emotion which comes with a long-haul trip begins with the plane you board. Since this is a luxury Air Cruise,
Safrans du Monde has chosen the best by working with an exceptional company, a specialist of private aviation. Travelling the world in the comfort of your own fully equipped Airbus A340 is a unique experience. The kind of experience that offers you a refined cocoon and the warm service of its experienced crew.

This aircraft, initially designed for nearly 300 passengers, is equipped with only 100 wide and very comfortable seats, all of which turn into a perfectly horizontal bed. The 2 meter separation between each row and the configuration in duos will ensure calm and intimacy.

During your flights, always scheduled during the day, you will appreciate the complete entertainment system or doze off in the comfort of your own home in the clouds. Finally, for a moment of conviviality, you may choose to join the leather sofas of the lounge area for a cocktail or a glass of champagne in the sky. These moments of your trip of a lifetime are precious !



Avion privé siège couchette

Non contractual images



Première Safrans, the quintessential way of travel, in the air and at every destination!

When you choose the Première Safrans, your journey begins at your arrival in Paris with a night and transfer to an elegant Parisian hotel before your World Tour departure.

At each stopover, your hotel address is the most exclusive and your room size is even more generous, your restaurants are among the best and a special care is given to the selection of your wines. Of course your program is enriched: the Belmond Hiram Bingham luxury train in Peru, your 4-night stay in Bora Bora in French Polynesia, the unique experience of a night on Halong Bay and many other surprises... Your tour leader and carefully selected local guides are at the service of your small independent tour group limited to 16 participants.

Finally, the service on board is First Class with priority boarding, and of course your dedicated flatbed seat. Taste your exclusive selection of fine wines and enjoy your menus, prepared exclusively for the passengers of Première Safrans.

The Club Safrans :

When traveling in Club Safrans, your land-based services include, among others, accommodation in 5* hotels,
full board and evening shows.

At each destination, you will enjoy a complete program of excursions and visits with your dedicated tour leader and
local guides. Your tour group is limited to 25 participants and Moorea welcomes you in French Polynesia for 4 nights.

On board, you enjoy Business Class services and your comfy seat unfolds into a bed position.
Your menus are prepared by our Chef Paul Caussé and complemented by our selection of wines and spirits.

Travel packages world tour all inclusive


The World Tour Grand Classiques

*Price calculated on the basis of 2 people travelling together and subject to availability at the time of booking.

Our prices include:

  • Our 22-day Air Cruise in a private plane, double room accommodation to be shared, 5* hotels or similar.
  • Full board, based on 3 meals a day including some during flight, from lunch on the first day to dinner on the last day.
  • Drinks on board the private jet: champagne, spirits, wine, beer, light drinks, etc... and drinks common at meals (wine, mineral water, beer and light drinks).
  • All transfers, excursions and visits planned in the program by coach, minibus, boat, 4X4 vehicle, train, hydroplane with local guides speaking French or, for non-French speaking passengers, another language (without supplement in English and from 8 participants for another language).
  • From Paris to Paris, the services of a cruise director, his teams of tour leaders and a French doctor.
  • Dinner & shows planned. Immigration formalities and checked baggage are handled wherever permitted.
  • Carrying luggage at all authorized airports. Baggage allowance: 1 bag of 23 kg per person in Club Safrans.
  • Tips.
  • Repatriation assistance insurance, in the European Union, airport taxes, issuance fees and visa fees.
  • In Première Safrans, selection of exclusive 5* hotels, 2 nights in Paris (pre and post World Tour) and transfers to/from your hotel. Enriched program. Luggage allowance: 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg.

Our prices do not include:

  • Drinks not included in the program (bars, mini-bar, drinks other than beer, wines and light drinks provided for meals at the destinations, etc.).
  • Personal expenses (telephone, laundry, etc...).
  • Multi-risk insurance optional cancellation (please contact us for more information).

Options extras (subject to availability):

  • Double room for single use
  • Excursions with guide and private vehicles at the destinations:
  • Excursions with private vehicles at each destination and guides speaking Spanish, German, Russian, Italian or Portuguese: no extra from 8 passengers speaking the same language
  • Pre/post arrival package in Paris for Club Safrans passengers including 4 transfers and 2 nights in a 5 or 4* hotel
  • Pre/post World Tour international flights : on request.
  • Risk insurance cancellation: 9 to 13 % of the price of the trip (consult us).


As of January 10, 2023 for US citizens: Passport valid for 6 months after the return date with at least 6 blank pages. Visa formalities taken care of.
No mandatory vaccine, consult your doctor for more details on the recommended vaccines.

Conditions of Registration:

No extra fee for wire transfer payment in USD or payment in EUR, contact us for other payment methods.

Registration form duly completed, signed and:

  • 1st deposit of 30% upon booking.
  • 2nd down payment of 20% June 24th 2023.
  • Last down payment of 50% August 24th 2023.


Cancellation insurance, optional, highly recommended. Contract upon reservation, please consult us for rates and conditions. For non-EU residents, mandatory travel insurance. For specific details of its terms and conditions, refer to the Insurer company documentation provided at the time of subscription. Assistance / luggage / repatriation: included in the price of the trip for participants.
Professional Liability Insurance: underwritten by Safrans du Monde at GENERALI IARD, 2 rue Pillet Will, 75009 PARIS for 2,000,000 euros, police AT611997, in order to cover the consequences of the professional civil liability that Safrans du Monde may incur in his capacity as a traveloperator, limited to the aforementioned policy.

Conditions of Cancellation:

Any cancellation will have to be communicated by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt and will involve the following cancellation costs depending on the date of receipt:
• 180 days or more before departure: 10 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 179 to 120 days before departure: 30 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 119 to 90 days before departure: 40 % of the amount of the journey;
• From 89 to 60 days before departure: 50 % of the travel amount;
• From 59 to 30 days before departure: 75 % of the amount of the journey;
• Less than 30 days before departure: 100 per cent of the travel amount;

Prices and Conditions of Application:

Our prices payable in Euros are firm, but they can be revised according to the conditions described below and the terms of the General Conditions of Sale of article R.211-12 of the Tourist Code, contained in the annex to this brochure. Our prices are based on the economic conditions in force on January 10, 2023 in particular for the rates of accommodation, transport, fuel (Jetex 985 USD/MT), taxes (stay, security, airport, etc.) and the exchange rate of the Brazilian Real, US Dollar (1 EUR = 1,08 USD),.
Air transport is provided for under this program, airlines and aircraft types are listed for information only, subject to change without notice. Given the complexity of this journey, the type of aircraft planned and/or one or more stops could be subject to modification or even replacement, justified by an event outside the organizer and unforeseen at the time of publication of the brochure (January 10th, 2023, in particular for hotels and/or with regard to authorizations to land or take off from an airport planned). If the group does not reach the minimum number of participants related to the type of aircraft, the Air Cruise may be canceled. For significant changes such as cancellation of departure for failure to reach the minimum number of participants or modification of the price of the journey or significant change of route (more than one stop) the customer will be informed as far as possible no later than 21 days before departure. In each of these three cases, the client will have a period of 8 days upon receipt of the notification to accept the new proposal or request the cancellation of his registration. In this case, the sums paid by the client will be fully refunded, however, no compensation can be claimed. Similarly, if the cancellation of the journey is imposed by circumstances of epidemic, force majeure or exceptional and unavoidable circumstances as defined by Article L. 211-1 and following and R. 211-3 à R. 211 of the Tourism Code, the client will not be entitled to any compensation. Any interruption of the journey which is not caused by the organizer, shall not be subject to any reimbursement, even partial, nor to transport or other benefits, unless taken over in whole or in part by an insurance company and this within the limits of the insurance contract entered into.

Customer Service:

Any complaint will be addressed as soon as possible and no later than 20 days after the date of return by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt by attaching the supporting documents to Safrans du Monde - 54, rue Taitbout - 75009 PARIS. RCS Paris 504 235 854 - SAS with capital of €18,000 - NAF 7911Z - IM 075140076 - ATRADIUS Financial Guarantee


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