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Luxurious travel experiences in France

Discover the relaxed luxury of the French Basque Country where the surf culture meets the rich Basque heritage.

Stay in charming hotels such as the Hôtel du Palais or the Château de Brindos and indulge in unique experiences like surfing in Biarritz or a private Basque cooking class in the bucolic countryside.

Experience the thrill of the waves and soak up the local culture with its colorful markets, traditional music, delicious cuisine and spices. The Basque Country is the perfect destination to relax and unwind while enjoying the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the South West. From Hossegor to the pristine town of Guéthary, live an experience like never before.

The selected short programs below were created as an inspiration for your next visit, you can combine them for a multi-destination journey or simply ask us to create new trips that fits your every desire !

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