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Luxurious travel experiences in France

Discover the sparkling rich heritage of Champagne, a region of wonders and luxury experiences. Indulge in the ultimate connoisseur's treat, Champagne, while staying in some of the most luxurious hotels of the region such as Royal Champagne, Loisium Wine & Spa Hôtel Champagne, and La Licorne Hotel and Spa Troyes MGallery.

Explore the region's hillsides, houses, and cellars registered with UNESCO, and visit the Cathedral of Reims, the cradle of the coronation of the French kings. Marvel at the medieval city of Troyes, a wonder of medieval architecture, and learn about the region's history and the memories of the Great War of 14-18. Of course, don't miss out on the gastronomic pleasures of the region: michelin star restaurants at the Assiette Champenoise or a typical family restaurant at the Assiette de la Vallée de l'Aube. A journey in the heart of Champagne is a promise of luxury and sophistication.

The selected short programs below were created as an inspiration for your next visit, you can combine them for a multi-destination journey or simply ask us to create new trips that fits your every desire !

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