Our Universe

Our Universe


Just like the concierge of a palace who relies on his prestigious network, our mission, crafted over the years, is to offer you our most precious secrets to make you live the most beautiful travel experiences.

It will be an exceptional journey, based on discovery and creativity. For you, we choose among our secret addresses and among our most precious partners, those who will pamper you with heart and precision.

Whether your desire is just a luxury getaway or the most incredible World Tour, tailor-made travel is our specialty, by choice and by passion. There is nothing like a conversation or a meeting to blend our secrets with your dreams, in order to better create these unique moments.

Safrans du Monde Team


Our Team

Our Team


At Safrans du Monde, your concierge is named Guy, Sandra, Justine, Maï, Bastien or Alexia. Our team, specialized in the craft of tailor-made trips, has only one goal: to satisfy all your wants and needs, and make your wildest dreams come true, so that you live a unique and exclusive experience. We listen to your wants and needs in order to understand your requirements and your dearest wishes.

We share with you our knowledge, our confidential and trendy addresses in the most extravagant or the most secret places. We will point out the rarest events and we can even imagine for you the scenario of your desires.

Thanks to our attentive listening, our experienced know-how and our commitment to your satisfaction and serenity, we can create an exceptional stay for you. 


Guy Bigiaoui President et fondateur

President and founder

A good dose of curiosity, a hospitality degree, a few years in the service of airline companies, and then a tour operator.

The creation of Safrans du Monde in 2003, the pleasure of accompanying his clients around the world more than twenty times, sometimes in Concorde and always in the best conditions. Finally, the passion to lead a team who creates the most beautiful journeys: bespoke itineraries, air cruises, the Collection Précieuse, and travels in France.

Guy promises that you will live exceptional moments, between travel lovers, because we all share this idea that the more we travel, the more the world expands.


Travel Designer

Specialized in the design of beskope itineraries, Sandra has been with Safrans du Monde for over 15 years. She had the chance to discover from a very young age the excitement of foreign discoveries, and her future quickly became obvious: travel was her vocation, and it is in this universe that she flourishes. Her greatest happiness? That her children now follow her in her journeys to the end of the world!

Adoring exceptional hotels, contemplative of panoramic open spaces and inveterate lover of islands, she changes her favorite destination every week, refusing to choose between the glaciers of Patagonia, the lagoons of Polynesia, and the dunes of Namibia.

No matter the destination, she will put her savoir-faire at your service, and will always take great pleasure in meticulously elaborating your trips, to the extent of your dreams.


Sandra Travel designer agence de voyage sur mesure
Bastien Marketing et communication

Marketing and Coordination

Originally from Troyes and an unrepentant traveler, Bastien now lives between Paris and Troyes to better share his passion.

Receptionist in a famous palace in Cannes, then manager in a charming hotel in Troyes, he has had a succession of experiences until his departure to Melbourne where he discovered the codes of the restaurant industry. An avid lover of photography and panoramic views, he moved abroad for a while before settling down at Safrans du Monde. He now works to make your travel experience with Safrans du Monde as incredible as possible.

Curious and positive by nature, he will be happy to plan your trips down to the smallest details!


Guest Relations and Sales 

Originally from Boston, Samantha fell in love with France, its culture and know-how many years ago. As a result, she has now been living in Paris for ten years. After extensive experience in the luxury industry and customer service sector, she joined our team a few months ago. She'll be your privileged contact and will be delighted to help you prepare unique experiences to the four corners of the globe!

As a connoisseur, she'll also be able to advise you on the best food and wine pairings to make your experience even more memorable.


Sam guest relations
Maï Travel designer luxe

Travel Designer

Creator of exceptional journeys for more than twelve years, Maï will follow your desires and craft a beautiful escape to the four corners of the world. With the attention to detail that characterizes her, she will imagine and realize, by your side, the trip of your dreams.

Fond of Asia and particularly Japan, Maï has also had the chance to explore the African continent and to discover the splendors of wild Africa, notably during her honeymoon in Namibia and Botswana.

So are you ready for a new adventure in a Palace Spirit?


Group Travel Designer

Alexia has always loved to travel, to discover new places, other cultures, other ways of life, other horizons... Originally from the Paris region where she studied tourism, she then moved to New York to learn about the world of travel for more than 3 years.

It is there that the love of travel became a passion, a passion that became her calling. Upon her return to France, 10 years of travel creation led her to join Safrans du Monde and create beautiful journeys for her guests.

Alexia is also passionate about sports and especially fitness. Her way of thinking is simple: the world is beautiful, the most beautiful thing we can do is to go and discover it...


Alexia Travel designer groupe luxe
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