Air Cruise : World Tour 2021

 From October 30th to Novembre 20th

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You’re just a quick flight away from discovering the wonders of the world. With a new universe to explore every three days, step onboard a breathtaking panoramic view of the planet. This unique experience is so much more than a simple encounter with mythical places.
A human adventure to share with a few, favored companions!

Take time to relish the singular comfort of a private plane, moving you from one destination to the next. Enjoy delicious meals on board, created especially for you by our Executive chef, paired with fine wines wisely picked by our sommelier and served by our dedicated onboard crew.

Only an Air Cruise in Private Jet allows you to grasp the world as a whole, to feel the majesty of Rio’s Guanabara Bay, the lost citadel of Machu Picchu, the legends of Easter Island. To discover the treasures of French Polynesia : Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora or even Tetiaroa and it's The Brando. Meet the Aussies in Sydney, the emerald of Hạ Long Bay, the lush of the Angkor Wat, the immaculate white of the Taj Majal... Soon enough the ocher of Petra will greet you to culminate this journey of a lifetime.

Chose between the Espace Safrans, the comfortable seat of the Club Safrans, or the complete luxury of the Première Safrans. This one and only option that offers, among other things, accommodation in exclusive legendary hotels, a ride on the Hiram Bingham Luxury Train in Peru, a 4-night stay in Bora Bora and a magical morning on the waters of Ha Long Bay... A fabulously colorful celebration in incredible settings...and then, when night falls, the calm of elegant hotels that are themselves the stuff of dreams.

Everything is included, guided visits, restaurants, special events, hotels...we take care of everything up to the smallest detail. And why not customize your World Tour by choosing among our Alternative programs. Up for an helicopter flight? A short break in a timeless setting or a day filled with surprises?

Welcome on board our private plane: we are taking off for an Air Cruise around the World !


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Map World Tour 2020

Rio de Janeiro


Today is a big day, one that you will always remember: it’s the first day of your World Tour with Safrans du Monde. An unforgettable Air Cruise aboard our exclusive private plane. A devoted team completely at your service welcomes you on board and shows you to your designated seat. Our chef has prepared a special menu to mark the inaugural meal of this memorable voyage. Make youtself comfortable while you cross over the Atlantic and there you are, at our first destination : Rio de Janeiro. Its legendary Copacabana beach, Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado, lagoon and more all await you. And to close this first day experience the energy and joie de vivre of an excluscive evening of Brazilian festivity.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

October 30 : Paris - Rio de Janeiro

And here you are. The great departure date for your World Tour has arrived. You are going to step into your private jet and take off for Rio de Janeiro. Lunch will be served on board, at the end of the afternoon you will be in Brazil, settled into your hotel where dinner will be served.

October 31 : Rio de Janeiro

You are ready to start your exploration of the wonders of the World ! For this first day you are going on an orientation and discovery tour of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the various stages of the day you are going to enjoy the sight from Sugar Loaf Mountain and encounter the Christ the Redeemer statue on the imposing Corcovado mountains that watch over the Bay. You could even fly over Rio by helicopter (additionnal fee applies). You will get a taste of the Brazilian atmosphere, during your Carioca lunch and then your Opening Special dinner with a samba show in a privileged setting.


Alternative programs - October 1 (additional fee)

  • Helicopter flight over Rio (departing from Sugarloaf Mountain).
  • Day tour to Petropolis, the imperial cuty (full day).
  • Samba Day
  • Surprise experience day tour.

Your hotels - 2 nights

Espace & Club Safrans : Hilton Rio de Janeiro Copacabana 5*

Première Safrans : Belmond Copacabana 5*

Your Flight

carte escale 001 ANG

October 30 : Paris CDG – Rio de Janeiro
Take-off : Morning | Landing : late afternoon
Flight time 11:25

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Cuzco Wolrd Tour

At this destination, you can choose between:

  • A stay in a hotel at sea level in the Pacific coast city of Lima and visit Peru dynamic capital, with its UNESCO World Heritage listed old city.
  • A stay in the Sacred Valley, located at almost 2,800 meters (9,200 feet) above sea level, visiting Cuzco, the capital of the Incas. Then travel through the stunning Cordillera of the Andes to Machu Picchu, on the Vistadome train or, if you have chosen Première Safrans, on the Belmond Hiram Bingham Luxury Train. You will arrive at the heart of one of the planet’s most impressive and mysterious citadels...and your World Tour has only just begun!

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 1 : Rio de Janeiro - Lima - Cuzco

You are flying off to Cusco via Lima this morning.

If you choose to stay in Lima, you will enjoy a tour of the Larco museum to wonder in front of precolombian pieces of art. End your day with a dinner in one of the most deemed restaurant of Lima, where traditionnal cuisine unite with contemporary gastronomy.

If you choose to push forward to Cusco , your discovery of the Inca heritage will start upon landing, on your way to your somptuous hotel nestled in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

November 2 : Machu Picchu or Lima

If you choose to stay in Lima , your guide will show you to the "city of the kings" for a visit of the Cathedral and Santo Domingo covent, symbols of the glorious past of the city. You will then have lunch in a typical hacienda before heading for a stroll in the craft market. Dinner at your hotel.

If you choose to stay in Cusco , You will experience a train trip with panoramic views of the extraordinary scenery of the Cordillera and ride across the Sacred Valley and its picturesque villages to reach the Machu Picchu.

If you are travelling in Première Safrans, you will have the opportunity to live an out of time ride on board the luxurious Belmond Hiram Bingham with a fine dinner on your way back to the hotel.

Your guide will tell you the secrets of the Amazing citadel of the Incas, its legends and the ingenuity of it's architects. Lunch in Agua Calientes (train terminus). You will have dinner when you return to the hotel or onboard the Hiram Bingham for passengers of Première Safrans.


Alternative programs - November 2 (additional fee)

  • A day in the Sacred Valley of the Incas : Moray Inca historical site, Chinchero (instead of Machu Picchu excursion).
  • Surprise experience day tour.

Your hotels - 2 nights

LIMA : Belmond Miraflores Park 5*



Espace & Club Safrans : Tambo del Inka 5*

Première Safrans : Belmond Rio Sagrado 5*

Your flight

carte escale 002 ANG

November 1 :  Rio de Janeiro - Lima - Cuzco
Take-off : Morning | Landing at Cuzco : early afternoon
Flight time 5:45 & 1:20

Easter Island


Less than 6 hours after leaving Peru, your private jet touches down at the end of the world, in a place filled with buried secrets: Easter Island (or Rapa Nui in Polynesian). You will visit all of the Island’s mysterious places, from the Rano Kau volcano to the moai statues of Ahu Tahai and Ahu Akivi. Admire the spirit of the island’s wild horses and the beauty of a magical sunset on the Ocean, experience an enchanting Rapa festival celebration in a truly exceptional setting and feel Easter Island's magnetism and spirit.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 3 : Cuzco - Lima - Easter Island

This morning, your private jet will take you to Easter Island! Enjoy a lunch cooked by our Chef before landing on this mysterious, well-preserved, island, feeling as if you had reached the very end of the earth. Your guide introduce you to the Rano Kau volcano, the famous Tahai Moais statues and legends of Polynesian antique civilisations. Finish your day with an experience of the magic of a Rapa Nui show under a starlit sky!

Your hotels - 1 night

Espace et Club Safrans : Iorana Hotel / Manutara Hotel / Otai Hotel

Première Safrans : Explora Rapa Nui or Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

Your flight

carte escale 003 ANG

November 3 : Cuzco - Lima - Easter Island
Take-off : Morning | Landing : after lunch.
Flight time : 1:25 & 5:30

French Polynesia

Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora
You may find it hard to say goodbye to the world’s most mysterious Island, yet your next destination is another ocean paradise, the Leeward Islands. You land in Tahiti, where you will stay for four nights. Your program of activities includes an Island Tour and a day on the island of Moorea to see the manta rays and the exquisite scenery overlooking Cook’s Bay. You will also be charmed by the ukulele that accompanies traditional Tahitian songs and the tamure. Your time in Polynesia will be filled with exotic dreams.

If you have chosen Première Safrans, you will stay in Bora Bora, and if you have already visited French Polynesia you can take advantage of one of our Alternative programs (for an additional fee), for example spending several nights in the Tuamotus Islands, on Moorea, on Bora Bora, in the Marquesas Islands, or even at the legendary luxury resort The Brando on the island of Tetiaroa.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 4 : Easter Island - Papeete

A last glance on the Island of Giants, a exquisite lunch in the sky prepared by the onboard Chef and your jet is already landing in French Polynesia. If you are travelling in Espace or Club Safrans you will check in your somptuous hotel in Morea and enjoy a relaxing day on the beach. If you are travelling in Première Safrans you will fly off to spend some time at leisure on a 4-nights stay in Bora Bora.

November 5 : Moorea - Tahiti - Moorea

This morning, we invite you to an excursion around the Island of Tahiti, starting  with the splendid panoramic view from the Taharaa to the botanical gardens via the Arahoho Blowhole, One Tree Hill and the magnificent Vaipahi gardens. The greenery is lush and shelters a beautiful waterfall. You will have the time to enjoy lunch in the midst of all these sights before continuing to luxuriate in the beauty of the Vaipahi gardens. This sublime day will cometo an end with a trip to the Maraa caves.

November 6 : Moorea

This morning, you will visit Moorea Island. Admire the most beautiful nooks and crannies on the island and discover all its secrets. Drink in the atmosphere imbued with ukeleles and the Vahine, from the lookout to Opunohu and Cook Bays, against a backdrop of Polynesian tattoos and omnipresent flowers. You will then enjoy a free afternoon on the beach and savour its turquoise water in an idyllic setting.

November 7 : Moorea

Day at leisure. In the evening your Polynesian experience will be topped off with a dinner dance show.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • Stay for 4 or 2 nights on Tetiaroa at The Brando, a superb 5-star luxury eco-resort to enjoy the epitome of luxury and exception.
  • Stay for 4 or 2 nights at leisure on Bora Bora at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui 5*.
     (included at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Spa 5* for Première Safrans passengers)
  • November 7 : Inland excursion on the Island (Tahiti).
  • Various helicopter flights over Moorea, Tahiti and Bora Bora available

Your hotels - 4 nights

Espace & Club Safrans :
Sofitel Moorea la Ora Beach Resort 5*

Première Safrans :
Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Spa 5*

Your flight

carte escale 004 ANG

November 4 : Easter Island – Tahiti
Take-off : late morning | Landing : early afternoon
Flight time : 6:05


Sydney Australia World Tour

Today you will experience something that is the very essence of a World Tour: crossing the International Date Line. This bewildering event defies description; it’s something that has to be lived. Turn back your watch and move your calendar forward, because today will be longer than yesterday...and yet your plane will touch down tomorrow at almost the same time that you took off. It’s mind-boggling!

This time-travel flight will get you straight to the Australian most know city : Sydney ! You land in the country of koalas and kangaroos to meet the Aboriginals who will unveil the pillars of their ancestral culture. Of course, you will not miss the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge and the world famous surfers of Bondi Beach.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 8 & 9 : Tahiti - Sydney

With the scent of you flower garden still lingering after your Polynesian experience, get back to your seat in the private jet: destination Australia. It is now time for you to experience the magical, unforgettable moment in the World Tour, crossing the International Date Line. Unbelievable your are now travelling through time.

November 10 : Sydney

"G'day mate", Sydney and its bay are rolling out the red carpet for you. You will soon walk in the streets of the Rocks, the emblematic old district of the city, then stroll through Circular Quay to reach the world-famous Opera House before boarding for a lunch cruise on the Bay. The rest of your afternoon will give you time to freely feel the Australian way of life.

Alternative programs - Nobember 10 (additional fee)

  • Show at the Opera House.
  • Day tour to the Blue Mountains.

Your hotels - 2 nights

Espace Safrans & Club Safrans
Park Hyatt Sydney 5*

Première Safrans
Shangri-La Hotel Sydney 5*

Your flight

carte escale 005 ANG

November 8 & 9 : Papeete – Sydney
Take-off : morning | Landing : next day afternoon
Flight Time 7:40

Hanoi and Ha Long Bay


You will land in Vietnam to discover the most exotic, vibrant and resonant corners of Asia.
The exuberant city of Hanoi offers a fascinating mix of the ultramodern and ancestral traditions that have persisted throughout a tumultuous history. Your extended stay in this destination includes visits to the Temple of Literature, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and a trip in a rickshaw. You will also have a day trip in the extraordinary Ha Long Bay or, if you have chosen Première Safrans, you will spend the night on a luxury floating hotel. Even if you think you know the city well, we have plenty of surprises in store for you!

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 11 : Sydney – Hanoi

This morning you will meet kangaroos, koalas and other emblematic animals of Australia before taking off for Vietnam. Once again you will experience a wonderful change of scenery and discover a new culture.

November 12 : Hanoï (Halong)

You will be offered the great opportunity to visit the mysterious Halong Bay today. You will sail between the small islands and come across fishing village and caves, all bathed in a strange, enigmatic atmosphere which is sure to enchant you. Return to Hanoï at the end of your day. If you are travelling in Première Safrans , you will enjoy a magic moment by spending a night on a luxurious traditionnal Vietnamese boat in the middle of the quiet bay. 

November 13 : Hanoï

Hanoï is going to display its most traditional side to you. You will visit the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the Temple of Literature as well as the Tran Quoc Pagoda, which is the oldest in the city. You will also have the opportunity to travel on a rickshaw through the town and you will have lunch and some free time to stroll around the old quarters. You will then return and enjoy a Vietnamese dinner. If you are travelling in Première Safrans, this second day will be spent sailing in the Halong Bay before you return to the capital to enjoy a gastronomic Vietnamese dinner.


Alternative programs - November 12 or 13 (additional fee)

  • A day in Ninh Binh (terrestrial Ha Long Bay)
  • Surprise day tour

Your hotels - 3 nights

Espace Safrans & Club Safrans
Melia Hanoi 5*

Première Safrans
Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoï 5*
Luxury Junk 5* (Halong Bay)

Your flight

carte escale 006 ANG

November 11  : Sydney - Hanoï
Take-off : morning | Landing : in the afternoon
Flight time : 9:30


Angkor World Tour

Silence please, let the magic of Angkor submerge you. It is exceptional, born from a unique way of carving stone and melting them in the lush of tropical vegetation, from the sky’s affairs echoing on infinity lake, from an invitation for people to retain its enigmatic statues’ message. Rows of graceful Apsaras, haughty temples, mazes and dark rooms, mystical smiling Buddhas ... Your emotions will match the marvel you will experience. A grandiose party will be set as the final touch to this exceptional visit. But’s a surprise...

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 14 : Hanoï - Siem Reap

This morning you will take off for the seventh destination of your World Tour : Cambodia and it's marvelous Angkor Temples. After a short flight you will land in Siem Reap just after lunch for a short tour of the city before settling in your hotel.

November 15 : Angkor Wat

Full day of visits : Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom temple and Angkor Thom town.

November 16 : Angkor

Day free at leisure. Enjoy the comfort of your hotel or one of the numerous options and activities available in our Alternative programs (with extra charge).

And this gala dinner, set in a privatised temple, orchestrated by the Asparas Royal Ballet dances, will give you the last chills of this marvelous discovery of the Khmer civilisation.


Alternative programs - (additional fee)

  • Helicopter flight over Angkor temples.
  • Daytour in the Cambodian countryside (with visit of Banteay Srei temple).
  • Craftman shopping at the old market (accompanied by a guide).
  • Excursion to the mysterious Temples (Beng Mealea, Koh Ker).
  • Surprise daytour

Your hotels - 3 nights

Espace Safrans et Club Safrans :
Hotel Sofitel Angkor 5*

Première Safrans :
Belmond La Residence d’Angkor 5*

Your flight

carte escale 007 ANG

November 14 : Hanoï - Angkor
Take-off : morning | Landing : early afternoon
Flight time 1:45

Agra and the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal World Tour

The passion of Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal is etched into the white marble of one of the Wonders of the World: the Taj Mahal, the very symbol of the purity of undying love. It is one of the magnetic places that inhabit our dreams, which we imagine, visit, and never leave, always remaining enraptured by its perfect architectural symmetry and the richness of its sumptuous ornamentation. You’re in the heart of fascinating India, about to experience an opulent celebration: you’re on a World Tour!

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 17 : Siem Reap - Agra

This morning, your private jet will get you to India. As soon as you touch Indian soil, you will head to the fabulous Taj Mahal, with its captivating symetry and the serenity that emanates from it. You will then be taken to your hotel, welcomed by traditionnal dance and music in a festive atmosphere. This evening, discover the Moghul culture, with the finest tastes of Indian gastronomy.



Your hotels - 1 night

Espace & Club Safrans : ITC Mughal 5*

Première Safrans : The Oberoi Amarvillas 5*

Your flight

carte escale 008 ANG

November 17 : Siem Reap - Agra
Take-off : morning | Landing : after lunch.
Flight time 4:15


Petra World Tour

Spectacular! Carved into time just as it is carved into the incredibly colorful stone, this monument lives up to the glory of its name: “The Treasury.” Petra is a beautiful testimony to the history of the Nabataeans, who have intrigued and inspired so many world travelers. So much to see: amazing canyons, the desert at Wadi Rum, all in shades of pink and red. When evening falls, your voyage culminates in a final celebration created especially for you. Under the stars, in this most sumptuous and moving of settings, you will delight in a true Arabian Nights festival to cap off your World Tour.

Your tours and visits (included in the price)

November 18 : Agra - Aqaba

At the end of the morning you’ll have a quick flight to take you to Aqaba. By the time you have finished your on-board lunch you will be in the land of the Nabataeans, a nomadic people who were travellers ahead of their time. You will then travel along the road of kings and have time to appreciate the unique scenery before finally reaching the amazing city of Petra.

November 19 : Petra

This morning you will wake up impatient to see the most exceptional sight that the famous city of Petra has for you, the treasure that is half-built and half-sculpted out of rock and out of time. You will explore the marvels of this place and stroll between those warmly coloured rocks which are so imbued with history. Surrounded by scenery that could be from a movie-set, you will understand how sensitive these nomadic people are when you see the delicate sculptures they have made out of the rock. You will have lunch and then continue exploring. Dinner itself will also reflect the traditions of this new culture which has come to augment the scope of culture experienced in this World Trip.

We have planned the ultimate event for this last evening, set against a fantastically poignant background. You will enjoy a sumptuous party under the stars, as exotic as the Arabian Nights, and as fabulous as your World Trip.

November 20 : Wadi Rum - Aqaba - Paris

Today you are going to meet the Wadi Rum desert Bedouins. You are going to explore the fantastic scenery of a huge desert of undulating sand dunes in a 4x4. You will share your lunch with our hosts at a camp, very close to the local people, so you can observe their lifestyle at close quarters and understand their traditions. After this moving, dazzling experience you will once again board your private jet, this time to fly back to France. After your flight and last onboard dinner you will be back in the French capital and your World Tour will have come to a full circle.


Your hotels - 2 nights

Espace & Club Safrans : Mövenpick Resort Aqaba 5*

Première Safrans : Kempinski Resort Aqaba 5*

Your flight

carte escale 009 ANG

November 18 : Agra – Aqaba
Take-off :  morning | Landing : after lunch
Flight time 3:00

November 20 : Aqaba – Paris
Take-off : evening | Landing : late evening
Flight time 5:00

You have just experienced the most amazing trip through time, civilisations and the wonders of the world.


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Price per person :

28 000 € Espace Safrans / 38 000 € Club Safrans / 57 000 € Première Safrans


Our prices include:

  • The 22-day Air Cruise in a private plane, the accommodation in a shared double room in mentioned 5* hotels or similar (different selection for passengers traveling in Première Safrans). Full board, based on 3 meals a day including some during flights, from the lunch of the first day to the dinner of the last day. Drinks aboard the private jet: champagne, spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks etc... and meal-drinks (wine, mineral water, beer and soft drinks). All transfers, excursions and visits planned in the program, by bus, minibus, boat, SUV vehicle, train, hydrofoil with local French speaking guides or another language for non-French-speaking passengers (from 10 participants with common language). From Paris to Paris, the services of a Cruise Director, his tour leading team and a French doctor. The evening events scheduled in the program. Immigration formalities for European Union nationals and residents and baggage formalities. Handling of checked luggage at all airports that allows it. Baggage allowance: 1 bag of 23 kg per person in Espace and Club Safrans, 2 bags of 23 kg in Première Safrans. Tips.

    Repatriation assistance insurance for European Union nationals and residents, airport taxes, issuing costs and visa fees for French nationals.

Our prices do not include:

  • Personal expenses (telephone, laundry, etc...). Drinks that are not scheduled in the program (other drinks than beers, wines and light drinks during meals at stopovers, bars, mini bar, etc...). The optional cancellation insurance: 7% of the total price of the trip (for European Union nationals and residents only).

Optional extras (subject to availability):

Alternate programs: see details on

  • Double room for single occupancy: + 2 550 € in Espace Safrans, + 3 150 € in Club Safrans or + 6 600 € for Première Safrans.

  • Duo of seats on the window side (Espace and Club Safrans only, side by side, 1 window seat + 1 corridor seat): + 1 500 €
  • Trio of seats for 2 passengers in the central aisle (Espace Safrans): + 3 500 €.
  • Accommodation in Junior Suites: + 4,700€ per person in Espace and Club Safrans and from 7 900 € per person for Première Safrans (contact us for more details).
  • Excursions with private guide and vehicle at each destination: + 10 000 € per person (base 2 people)
  • Excursions in a reduced group from minimum 14 to maximum 16 participants: + 2,000 € per person.
  • Pre / post tour Paris travel pack, including international flights in Economy Class, 4 transfers and 2 nights in a 4* hotel close to Paris CDG: 1 500 € per person.
  • Optional cancellation insurance: 7% of the trip price (for European Union nationals and residents only)


  • For informational purposes only as of September 5, 2020 for French nationals: Biometric passport valid for 6 months after the date of return. On-site visa formalities for Vietnam, India and Jordan. No mandatory vaccine; consult your doctor for more details on the recommended vaccines.

Conditions of Registration:

The registration form, duly completed and signed, and:

  • First deposit of 30% to be paid at time of reservation
  • Second deposit of 20% to be received before June 30, 2021
  • Payment of the remaining balance to be received before August 28, 2021

For registration after January 1st 2021 :

  • First deposit of 10% to be paid at time of reservation
  • Second deposit of 20% to be received before March 15, 2021
  • Third deposit of 20% to be received before June 30, 2021
  • Payment of the remaining balance to be received before August 30, 2021


  • Cancellation insurance optional but highly recommended. To be contracted upon booking, 7% of the total amount of the trip. For the precise conditions and details please see April International Voyage information provided at the time of booking. Assistance / baggage / repatriation: included in the price of the trip for participants who are European Union nationals and residents. For nationals and / or residents of countries outside the European Union, assistance and repatriation insurance must be taken in their country of residence (not included in the price of the trip). Professional civil liability insurance: underwritten by Safrans du Monde with Hiscox France 38 Avenue de l'Opéra, 75002 Paris up to 2,000,000 euros, police HA RCP0238795, to cover the consequences of professional liability that Safrans du Monde may incur as a travel operator within the limits of the aforementioned policy.

Conditions of Cancellation:

All cancellations must be submitted by registered letter with acknowledgment of delivery and will incur the following cancellation fees as of the date of reception of this same letter:

No cancellation fee (except insurance) until March 1st 2021, after this date our regular cancellation schedule apply :

  • Before May 3rd 2021 : 10% of the price of the trip
  • From May 4th 2021 until July 2nd 2021 : 30% of the price of the trip
  • From July 3rd 2021 until August 1st 2021 : 40% of the price of the trip From
  • From August 2nd until August 31st 2021 : 50% of the price of the trip From
  • From September 1st 2021 to September 31st 2021 : 75% of the price of the trip
  • From October 1st 2021 until departure : 100% of the price of the trip

Prices and Conditions of Application:

  • Rates quoted in Euros are firm, they may however be revised, according to the conditions described below and the terms of the General Conditions of Sale of article R.211-12 of the French Code of Tourism, appended to this brochure. Our prices are established with reference to the economic conditions prevailing on September 5, 2020, notably as regard accommodation rates, transportation, fuel, various taxes (stay, security, airport, etc...) and the exchange rate for Brazilian Real, US Dollar and Australian Dollar. Air transport is provided under the previous program, airlines and aircraft types are for reference only and may be subject to change without notice. Given the complexity of this trip, the type of aircraft planned (A340, A330, B757 or B767), and/or one or more destination could be subject to modification or replacement, being justified by an event uncontrollable by the organizer and unforeseen at the time of publication of the brochure (September 5, 2020, especially for hotels and/or for authorizations to land or take off from a scheduled airport). If the group does not reach the minimum number of participants related to the type of aircraft, the Air Cruise may be canceled. For significant changes such as the cancellation of the departure due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants or the change in the price of the trip, the client will be informed no later than 21 days before departure. In each of these two cases, the customer will have a period of 8 days upon receipt of the notification to accept the new proposal or request the cancellation of his booking. If all of these specific conditions are met the client will be fully refunded of all amounts paid, however, no compensation can be claimed. Similarly, if the cancellation of the trip is imposed by force majeure circumstances, no compensation for damages incurred will be provided. Any interruption of the tour which are not the organizer’s liability will not be the object of any refund, even partial, neither of the services of transport, nor other benefits, except taken care in whole or in part by an insurance company within the limits of the insurance contract.

Customer Service:

  • Any complaint are to be submitted by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt as soon as possible and no later than 20 days after the date of return to Safrans du Monde - 54 rue Taitbout - 75009 PARIS. Please including supporting documents with your letter.

    RCS Paris 504 235 854 - SAS with capital of 18 000 € - NAF 7911Z - IM 075140076 Financial Guarantee: ATRADIUS

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