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Rio de Janeiro - Cuzco - Easter Island - French Polynesia - Sydney - Hanoi - Angkor - Agra - Petra
The World Tour by Private Jet Speciale Edition 2024
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Mexico - Hawaii - Fiji - New Zealand - Tasmania - Perth - Maldives - Tanzania - Jerusalem
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Visit France and its hidden gems Safrans du Monde's way.

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Each journey is designed with the utmost care and attention to details.
Our Savoir-Faire
15 years of expertise.

Our Savoir-Faire

15 years of expertise at your service.


Since its creation in 2003, the French travel agency Safrans du Monde has been a reference in the tailor-made elegance and art of living, both in the organization of air cruises and for the creation of exceptional individual trips. We reveal hidden treasures in every destination in the world including France for a unique and personalized travel experience.

Our travel designers’ expertise ranges from chartering private jets to exclusive guided experiences in the most prestigious places in the world, as well as proposing stays in world-class hotels and offering the services of our Private Chef Paul Caussé.

As a member of exclusive international networks such as Serandipians by Traveller Made and Pure Life Experiences, Safrans du Monde is able to push back the boundaries of what is possible and thus create journeys of a lifetime for its clients, who are offered access to truly incredible and unique experiences.

Whether you are planning your honeymoon, or you would like to offer a dazzling gift to someone or simply travel in complete serenity, dream, tell us everything, and meet the world and its incredible sceneries.

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